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【泳帽護理須知】選用 PVC 膠物料製造,具防水效果,濕水後用布抹乾泳帽表面和內裡,放在通爽處晾乾便可繼續使用。


Light-colored caps help other swimmers or boaters see you if you’re swimming in open water with heavy traffic!

A girl on this Pink swim cap looks so nice and stylish, double-sided printing of same pattern, specially made with larger size which is more flexible and comfortable.

Swimming cap care instructions :
It is made of PVC plastic waterproof material. Use a towel to wipe the surface and inside of the swim cap after use, and place it in a cool place to dry before use.

粉紅色女孩泳帽|Pink Swimming Girl Swim Cap

庫存單位: SWC003
HK$85.00 一般價格
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