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在白色泳帽上以黑白雙色設計的跳水女孩圖案,表現出運動女生的活力,兩面印刷不同的圖案,另一面是 GOOD DAY START WITH SWIMATES 字樣!希望戴上這泳帽的你也由游泳開始一起過好日子。特製的加大尺寸泳帽,穿戴時特別舒適!

【泳帽護理須知】選用 PVC 膠物料製造,具防水效果,濕水後用布抹乾泳帽表面和內裡,放在通爽處晾乾便可繼續使用。


Swimming is no longer for professional athletes. For those girls who like swimming, we can be more fashionable and stylish!

Black and white coloured diving girl graphic on this white swim cap, with another side GOOD DAY START WITH SWIMATES, double-sided printing of different pattern. Specially made the larger size for long hair ladies.

Swimming cap care instructions :
It is made of PVC plastic waterproof material. Use a towel to wipe the surface and inside of the swim cap after use, and place it in a cool place to dry before use.

白色跳水女孩泳帽|White diving girl swim cap

庫存單位: SWC006
HK$85.00 一般價格
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